Jun Ji Hyun’s Acting Development in 20 Years of Career

Jun Ji Hyun, who debuted in 1997 as a magazine model, appeared in a canned coffee commercial the same year.

In “Happy Together”, starring Lee Byung Hun, Kim Ha Neul, Song Seung Hun, and other top artists, Jun Ji Hyun took on the role of Yoon Joo.

Image Source : SBS

In 2001, she showed a strange charm through the very popular movie ‘My Sassy Girl’. Drunk, behaving annoyingly on the subway, enjoying a date in a uniform, and taking off his boyfriend’s shoes… those are the things done by Jun Ji Hyun’s character in the movie. However, as this was Jun Ji Hyun, instead of hating her character, the audience fell in love with her charm.

Image Source : Showbox, CJ Entertainment

Since then, actress Jun Ji Hyun has starred in various movies such as ‘The Thieves’ and ‘Berlin’. She returned to the drama scene in 2013 after 14 years with ‘My Love from the Star’. Jun Ji Hyun acted as Cheon Song Yi, a Korean top star who’s loved by everyone. The actress was rewarded greatly for her acting in the drama.

Jun Ji Hyun then appeared in snother drama, ‘Legends of the Blue Sea’ in 2016, as a mermaid. Although the response for this drama was not as well as expected, Jun Ji Hyun’s appearance was successfully received. ‘Legends of the Blue Sea’ was enough to prove her presence as Korea’s top actress once again.

Image Source : SBS

Jun Ji Hyun has grown from ‘a beautiful actress’ to ‘skilled actress’ 20 years after her debut. She is now a mother of two children. Jun Ji Hyun is an ideal woman who’s successful in both her life and her career.

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