‘Ruler’ Will Yoo Seung Ho Be Able to Become the King?

MBC ‘Ruler: Master of the Mask’ has 2 weeks before the show ends. The crown prince (Yoo Seung Ho) gets into trouble after his father’s death and has saved the children from the flower field.

Image Source: MBC

In the drama ‘Ruler’ on July 5th, Yoo Seung Ho declared ‘The Return of the Throne’. “I’m going back to my throne.” Yoo Seung Ho declares with a stern confession, making everyone happy. The story will focus on how the taxpayers will go through the process of returning to the throne.

The drama crew of ‘Ruler’ said, “In the upcoming two weeks, the King will try to regain the throne and fight for tax payments, making the story more interesting. The audience will see the efforts of the crown prince”.

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