First Look at Ok Taec Yeon in OCN’s ‘Save Me’

In OCN’s upcoming drama, ‘Save Me’, which will premiere on August 5th, Ok Taecyeon plays Han Sang Hwan, a guy who has a warm and fun character, but faces problems with a group. Together with his 4 unemployed friends, he sought to save his first love.

Image Source : OCN

In the released first cuts of his character in the drama, Ok Taecyeon wore a school uniform and became a first-year high school student who met his first love for the first time at the age of 17. Ok Taecyeon is wearing a navy blue school uniform, with a vest and a tie, using a name tag, totally like ordinary high school students.

The crews of ‘Save Me’ wrote, “Ok Taecyeon has a good acting as the drama’s main character. Please look forward to Ok Taecyeon’s acting performance in ‘Save Me’.”

Image Source : OCN

‘Save Me’ is a thriller drama depicting a man’s struggle to save his first love from a pseudo group. ‘Save Me’ will premiere on August 5th at 22.20 PM at OCN.

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