‘Wiretapping’ Postpones Filming Indefinitely Until Kim Woo Bin Recovers

Director Choi Dong Hoon has decided to postpone the filming of ‘Wiretapping’ until Kim Woo Bin recovers. ‘Wiretapping’ was originally scheduled to start filming in August.

However, the main character, Kim Woo Bin, was suddenly diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. Thus the production team decided to delay production until his condition recovers.

‘Wiretapping’ is the film that director Choi Dong Hoon has prepared after ‘Assassination’. This film tells of a police who wiretaps executive companies that are suspected of manipulation. In addition to Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jung Jae, Kim Eui Sung, and Yum Jung Ah are also confirmed to play in the film.

Image Source : 1st Look

The production team of ‘Wiretapping’ and director Choi Dong Hyun were reportedly shocked to hear the news about Kim Woo Bin’s illness. While preparing for the film, Choi Dong Hoon specifically thought of Kim Woo Bin as the main player. He also said there was no other actor that he’d chose other than Kim Woo Bin. Therefore, he delays the production of the film until Kim Woo Bin’s condition improves.

The entire production of the movie ‘Wiretapping’ is now delayed because they can not perform shooting this year. Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin, who suffers from nasopharyngeal cancer, is now focusing on treatment, radiation therapy, and concentrating on restoring his health.

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