Friends Throw Hwang Jung Eum a Baby Shower Celebration

Actress Hwang Jung Eum had a surprise baby shower party ahead of her delivery date.

Image Source: Instagram

On July 7th, Byun Jung Soo posted photos from Hwang Jung Eum’s surprise baby shower on her personal Instagram. Cha Ye Ryun and Park Na Rae are also seen attending the party and praying for Hwang Jung Eum.

Hwang Jung Eum looks beautiful smiling in her white dress. With her friends, she was seen using various baby gear properties to take pictures together.

Image Source: Instagram

Byun Jung Soo wrote, “Dubu, please be born quickly. The aunts are waiting for you!”

Hwang Jung Eum married pro-golfer Lee Young Don in February last year. She is scheduled to give birth this month.

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