Ryu Jun Yeol, Park Seo Joon, and Lee Jong Suk are Competing for Ticket Power in August

In August, actor Ryu Jun Yeol, Park Seo Joon and Lee Jong Suk will compete to get as many viewers on the big screen as possible.

Ryu Jun Yeol, Park Seo Joon and Lee Jong Suk’s movies will be aired in August, starting from August 2nd with ‘A Taxy Driver’ (Ryu Jun Yeol), August 9th ‘Midnight Runners’ (Park Seo Joon), and the end of August, ‘VIP’ (Lee Jong Suk).

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Through ‘A Taxy Driver’, Ryu Jun Yeol will meet the audience with a different personality. Although his presence is only a supporting character, it seems like he will leave a great impression for the audience as his role is similar to what he portrayed in ‘Flash Point’.

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Park Seo Joon will make his movie debut through ‘Midnight Runners’. As a young policeman, he will show the growth of a young man who’s attending a police academy. Park Seo Joon and Kang Haneul will lead the movie, which will compete with other big movies such as ‘Battleship Island’ and ‘A Taxy Driver’. Even so, there are also people who said that Park Seo Joon and ‘Midnight Runners’ will have its own freshness among summer movies.

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If Ryu Jun Yeol and Park Seo Joon’s roles in their movies are the protagonists, it is different from Lee Jong Suk’s choice. Through a movie prepared for late August release, ‘V.I.P’, he will appear as an antagonist for the first time in his acting career. The film tells the story of Korea’s NIS and USA’s CIA, which plans to capture the perpetrator of a murder case.

Lee Jong Suk collaborates with the veteran director who previously directed ‘New World’ and ‘The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale’, Park Hoon Jun, as well as various talented actors, including Jang Dong Gun, Kim Myung Min and Park Hee Sun.

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