‘Running Man’ Kim Jong Kook Admits to Have Gout Due to Consuming Too Much Protein

On July 16th, SBS’ ‘Running Man’ aired the final episode of their National Recommendation project. That day, Kim Jong Kook used sandals during shooting, so MC Yoo Jae Suk explained, “Kim Jong Kook has gout. His feet are bruised, so he is wearing slippers right now.”

Image Source : SBS

Hearing that, Song Ji Hyo said, “That’s because he ate too much protein. You should eat chicken breast properly.” Gout is a condition that causes pain in joints such as hands and feet. This can happen when the uric acid level is high due to consuming protein excessively.

Image Source : SBS

Knowring that Kim Jong Kook’s lower body was uncomfortable, the producers of Running Man said, “Isn’t it a great chance (for you all to defeat him)?” but Lee Kwang Soo said, “Although Kim Jong Kook can not use his legs, he can still stand well.”

Kim Jong Kook then responded, “My strength has moved to my upper body,” while showing his muscles.

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