What Does Kim So Hyun Wants to Do the Most When She’s 20 Years Old?

The soon to be 20-years-old actress Kim So Hyun said that she wants to get drunk and try dating.

In a recent interview, Kim So Hyun said, “Next year I will be 20 years old. There are only a few months left now. If I have already become a twenty years old woman, the first thing that I want to do is drink alcohol with my mother. I was very curious about the taste. Many adults said, ‘Alcohol creates a nicer atmosphere when you’re talking to other people’, it made me even more curious. I also still can not watch 19+ rated movies freely” She said with a laughing.

Image source: ELLE

The actress also talked about her romantic life. “When I’ve become a 20 years old woman, I want to try dating someone. To be honest, it is not as if I have no experience at all. I’ve watched dramas and movies, read books and acted romantically, but it was not my direct experience. Because I’ve tried a lot of romantic scenes when I’m acting, I think I should try dating for real. I wonder what it feels like,”

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On July 13th, Kim So Hyun’s latest drama, ‘Ruler: Master of the Mask’ aired its final episode. Her excellent chemistry with Yoo Seung Ho brought the drama into the first position of Wednesday-Thursday drama slot.

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