The Secrets Behind Ji Sung’s Acting Talent

Jisung won the award for the best male actor category from the Grima Award 2017. This year, Jisung got a lot of love through the drama ‘Defendant’ and the movie ‘Myungdang’.

His family is the one who gives strength to ‘God Jisung’ to continue to grow in the changing acting and appearance.

“Actually, lately I often think of my wife and daughter while filming. Moreover, the drama rating of ‘Defendant’ is very good, but this is a drama that is difficult for me to, I can act well thanks to my wife and daughter, Lee Bo Young,” Jisung said.

Grimae Awards 2017 for best actress category was given to Seo Hyun Jin from ‘Temperature of love’. SHINee’s Key also won the best new actor through the drama ‘Lookout’. He acknowledged the difficulty of having to go with a skate board.