‘Falsify’ is Going Against ‘School 2017’ and ‘The King Loves’, Which One Will Top the Monday-Tuesday Drama Slot?

MBC ‘King Loves’

Image Source: MBC

On July 17th, ‘King Loves’ aired its first episode. Im Siwan, the main character, already entered the military few days before the drama started to be aired.

‘King Loves’ is a romantic fictional historical drama depicting the love triangle between Wang Won, the Prince who’s later going to be the first Prince of Joseon, Wang Rin, and Princess Eun San.

SBS ‘Falsify’

Image Source: SBS

Having previously made several successful critique dramas, namely ‘Defendant’ and ‘Whisper’, SBS will now present anoter critique drama, ‘Falsify’. ‘Falsify’, which will begin airing on July 24th, tells about the revelation of corruption case using the power of mass media.

‘Falsify’ depicts the lives of journalists who works on a media, starring Namgung Min, Yu Jun Sang, Uhm Ji Won, Moon Sung Geun and others.

Following the success of Ji Sung’s ‘Defendant’ and Lee Bo Young’s ‘Whisper’, SBS is now focusing on cases of corruption in our community.

KBS ‘School 2017’

Image Source: KBS

KBS is back with another installment of ‘School’ series. ‘School 2017’ is starred by many young actors and actresses, making it a hot topic on its first airing.

This drama received the highest rating among three dramas that were aired at the same hour last week, and the average audience was aged 10-20 years. Another popular show among the same age range is ‘Produce 101’.

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