Lee Joon Ki Visits a Grave in Newest Previews for ‘Criminal Minds’

tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama, ‘Criminal Mind’, which is going to premiere on July 26th, released photos of Lee Joon Ki standing alone at a cemetery. Lee Joon Ki plays as Kim Hyun Joon, a field agent for NCI’s crime behavior analysis team.

Image Source : tvN

The photos make us instantly mesmerized by Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Ki)’s sad expression. There was an unbelieving mood from his gaze upon discovering someone’s grave. In another photo, Kim Hyun Joong makes a sad expression while staring at someone’s photo.

Image Source : tvN

Whose grave that Lee Joon Ki visits in these previews? What is the backstory of Lee Joon Ki’s character?

‘Criminal Minds’ is a crime investigation psychology drama in which the characters reveal a murder case with profiling technique to discover the psychological perspective of the perpetrator.

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