‘Battleship Island’ Will Make You Fall in Love with So Ji Sub’s Tsundere Charm

As Song Joong Ki is getting married soon, maybe it’s time we turn our attention to So Ji Sub. Amidst the anticipation toward the soon-to-be released movie ‘Battleship Island’, interest in So Ji Sub has a different atmosphere than other main casts members like Hwang Jung Min and Song Joong Ki.

So Ji Sub acts as Choi Chil Sung, a reliable Kyung Sung fighter. So Ji Sub’s presence on ‘Battleship Island’ is not too big. When we watch the movie, we will want to know more about Choi Chil Sung’s story, but we’ll also wonder whether his presence was cut during the editing process.

Image Source : CJ Entertainment

However, in ‘Battleship Island’, Choi Chil Sung has the strongest presence among others. So Ji Sub, who plays the character, has given his extraordinary charisma on screen despite his little screen time.

Actually, in ‘Battleship Island’, Choi Chil Sung is the most prominent figure. That’s because he has an intimidating and irresistible character. At the beginning of the movie, we will wonder if he is a bad figure, because his presence is unpredictable. But there are no brighter and a more loyal character like Choi Chil Sung. Behind his big physique, Choi Chil Sung has a deep heart which will attracts the attention of the audience. He also shows a strong determination to help the Korean people who want to escape the war ship.

Image Source : CJ Entertainment

So Ji Sub shows his masculine charm and charisma, making Choi Chil Sung has a strong impression for viewers. It is said that he has mastered the screen with his masculinity and presence.

‘Tsundere So Ji Sub’ will leave a deep impression on the eyes of the audience. Among the characters of ‘Battleship Island’, Choi Chil Sung is the only one who has a love line with a woman (Lee Jung Hyun), which only heightened the ‘Tsundere’ charm of his character.

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