Yoo Seung Ho Talks About The Kiss Scene With Kim So Hyun in ‘Ruler’

Actor Yoo Seung Ho talks about his kiss scene with Kim So Hyun in the drama ‘Ruler: Master of The Mask’.

On July 18, at a cafe in Cheongdam dong, Gangnam, Seoul, actor Yoo Seung Ho conducted an interview in the drama ‘Ruler: Master of the Mask’. Yoo Seung Ho plays as Lee Sun who is fighting Pyunsoo organization.

Image Source: MBC

Yoo Seung Ho built a love story with Kim So Hyun in the drama, thus making the audience feel curious about them. Moreover, in episode 34, the two shared a kiss in one of the scenes in ‘Ruler’. Yoo Seung Ho directed this scene and told Kim So Hyun, “Just think this is easy”.

“So Hyun told me to do what I want to do. When the scenes did not come out as expected, the director would ask for another request. I told him to do whatever he felt”.

But there is no pressure. Although it was a short kiss scene, the audience was uncomfortable seeing it because of Kim So Hyun who is still underage. Yoo Seung Ho is also worried about it.

Image Source: MBC

“I’m quite careful. To be honest it’s not a kiss. But the scene was done at night so it looked dark. The scene was taken in a dark and sad atmosphere so I wanted to make the scene as beautiful as possible. I thought to make the scene looked good. Then the director asked me to hold her waist. I’m glad the scene looks so beautiful”.

‘Ruler: Master of The Mask’ tells the love story of the crown prince and his battle with the Pyonsoo organization that wants to gain wealth on the Korean Peninsula. On the 13th of July, the drama has come to an end.

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