AKMU Suhyun Reveals that She Often Hangs Out with Kim Sae Ron and Kim Yoo Jung

‘Akdong Musician’ Suhyun showcases her chameleon-like charm once again.

Image Source: Allure

On July 25, this 19-year-old girl did a photo shoot for Allure Korea magazine. Besides a musician, Suhyun is also known as an active beauty youtuber.

In the interview, Lee Su Hyun shared stories about her daily life. “When I’m having a break, I usually go out with my friends, such as Kim Sae Ron, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Bora, and Red Velvet’s Yeri. We often eat chicken legs and tteokpokki together.”

Image Source: Allure

Suhyun also shared about the things that she wants to accomplish. “Being a singer and a beauty youtuber are my dreams that I wanted to achieve before I’m 20 years old. I also want to get a barista certificate, be a Radio DJ, and I still want to try a lot of things.”

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