‘Bride of the Water God’ Nam Joo Hyuk Protects Shin Se Kyung From Im Ju Hwan’s Real Personality

In the drama ‘Bride of the Water God’, Nam Joo Hyuk wants to protect Shin Se Kyung from Im Ju Hwan.

On July 25th, tvN ‘Bride of the Water God’ drama episode 8 was aired, depicting the fascinating tale between Ha Baek (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Yoon So A (Shin Se Kyung).

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In this episode, Ha Baek learned that in fact, Hoo Ye (Im Ju Hwan) is a half god half human. Then Ha Baek talks to Moo Ra (Krystal) and Bi Ryum (Gong Myung), “That’s what the old man said. I see it briefly”, he explained. Moo Ra said, “When I found out, I pretended not to know. Can a divine representative be a half-human and a half-god? If his heart is really bad, he will lose his strength”, she said while reprimanding him.

Ha Baek then also said, “I will not reveal my identity to him. He will be involved in the loss of the main throne. Obviously”, he argued. Bi Ryum said, “It’s just a speculation without any proof. As you’ve said, you should try to make sure that he is a half god and a half human. He has a relationship with Yoon So A. It’s kind of a coincidence”, he said, interested in the relationship between Hoo Ye and Yoon So A. Ha Baek replied, “Let it be. Don’t drag her into our affairs”, he said to protect Yoon So A.

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Yoon So A said, “Are you talking to a divine representative?” and Ha Baek replied, “I told them not to disturb my woman. You are mine. I told him to ask permission to me first”, he said, lying.

Ha Baek called Yoon So A when she went to work, “I’ll walk you home”, his call made her heart felt at ease. Yoon So A, who almost every day spends her time with Ha Baek is trying to understand his words, in the process, she expresses Ha Baek’s feelings.

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Ha Baek tries to entertain So A on his mother’s commemoration. So A talks about her parents to Ha Baek, Ha Baek said, “I was lucky to lose strength. So I cannot dream like darkness. This is the brightest beetle in the world. Pay attention to it”, So A laughs at Ha Baek’s strange behavior.

Yoon So A said, “What does he mean by saying ‘come home together’?”. Ha Baek replied, “Simply, I want to escort you home. I went to the hospital but you came home from work quickly”. Yoon So A said, “What about coming home from work tomorrow? Because today we couldn’t, so how about tomorrow?” she said happily.

On the trailer of the next episode, it depicts the threats Yoon So A will face and the drama’s increasing tension is illustrated.

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