4 Scenarios Often Occur in Korean Drama

It is not uncommon for authors to use scenarios that once existed to be part of the drama because such scenarios can attract viewers. For fans of the drama would have memorized some of the scenarios referred to here, but have you watched it all? Let us discuss the dramas which contain similar scenarios.

1. Love Triangle

Image Source: JTBC, SBS

Of all the scenarios that often occur in dramas, love triangle is the most commonly displayed scenario. Usually a love triangle story is shown to complicate the romance between the main cast. In addition, the love triangle story is also shown to make the second leading actor not passive. Here the viewers are getting confused to choose the most suitable pair. Some of the dramas that embrace the love triangle scenario are ‘Do Bong Soon’, ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’, and ‘Moon Lovers’.

2. Dark Past

Image Source: MBC, SBS

Loyal K-Drama lovers would not be surprised watching the drama whose main cast has a dark past. This dark past will be the background story for all the events that took place in the drama. The dark past can also make the main cast appeals stronger because the audience will be sympathetic to him or her. Some of the dramas that follow the dark past scenario are ‘Pinocchio’ and ‘Hospital Ship’.

3. Seizing the Throne or Propety

Image Source: MBC, SBS

The seizure of the throne often occurs in historical drama, while in a modern version there will be the seizure of property. This is also often the case when the main character is a very rich figure. Usually the main character will be the person who is tortured and slandered to seize the property when it is not. This will make the audience more sympathetic to the main character. Examples of dramas with such a scenario are ‘Ruler’, ‘The Heirs’, and’ Brilliant Legacy.

4. Contract Marriage

Image Source: tvN, KBS

Contract marriage is also one of the most common scenarios in drama. This story makes the audience furious with the intended partner. Usually there will be a secret love between the two. Some of the dramas that present this story are ‘Full House’ and ‘Because This Is My First Life’.