Kim Soo Ahn, An 11-year-old Actress With Immersive Potential in ‘Battleship Island’

‘So Ji Sub and Song Joong Ki have passed, it is time for Kim Soo Ahn’ after the release of ‘Battleship Island’ is this possible to be the most seen and heard?

The hidden card in the movie ‘Battleship Island’ is none other than 11-year-old child actress Kim Soo Ahn. As a child actress, sometimes Kim Soo Ahn can surprise people with her acting skills that can level the adult actors.

Image Source: CJ Entertainment

Kim Soo Ahn plays as So Hee, the daughter of Lee Kang Ok (Hwang Jung Min) who is more valuable than his father’s life in ‘Battleship Island’. Kim Soo Ahn and Hwang Jung Min often disagree, but both always think of each other’s feelings and act like a friend.

In each occasion the two are interdependent. As Hwang Jung Min remarks, he and Kim Soo Ahn often forget the age difference. Both show off the chemistry and acting powers that look like a friend and after the filming, they become close. The moment when Hwang Jung Min shines in ‘Battleship Island’, Kim Soo Ahn is always beside him.

Image Source: CJ Entertainment

Kim Soo Ahn’s talent can be ascertained in the movie ‘Train to Busan’ which was released last year. The total sales of ‘Train to Busan’ reached 10 million. Of course, Kim Soo Ahn has achieved 10 million audiences in her early age. The meeting of actors Hwang Jung Min and Kim Soo Ahn can be seen in ‘Battleship Island’.

Director Yeon Sang Ho and Ryu Seung Wan without hesitation mentioned Kim Soo Ahn as a ‘genius’. If the atmosphere and story in the movie ‘Train to Busan’ is not enough to make Kim Soo Ahn falls into the spotlight, in ‘Battleship Island’ Kim Soo Ahn makes her presence more meaningful.

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