Which One Will Lead the Summer Box Office, The Battleship Island, A Taxi Driver, or Midnight Runners?

Three movies that are predicted to attract 10 million people to theaters this summer are going to be released soon. Those three movies are ‘Battleship Island’, ‘A Taxi Driver’, and ‘Midnight Runners’.

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The movie ‘The Battleship Island’ starred by actors who have work hard. Among all the actors, actress Lee Jung Hyun is considered to have the most difficult role.

Lee Jung Hyun said, “Hwang Jung Min is very concerned about us. He often bought us food. Every time he went to the set, he did not forget to buy us delicious food.”

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In ‘A Taxi Driver’, Song Kang Ho and Yu Hae Jin had a lot of comedic scenes. Ryu Jun Yeol will also showcase his singing skill in this movie.

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Lastly, ‘Midnight Runners’ is a movie that will make a lot of people feel happy. As there are many dining scenes, Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul always look enthusiastic in this movie.

Which movie do you think will lead the summer cinemas?

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