‘Battleship Island’ So Ji Sub Admitted that Kim Soo An is A Genius Actress

All audiences of ‘Battleship Island’ movies praised the young actress Kim Soo An. Actor So Ji Sub also admired her performance.

“Soo An is really a genius. She is very good at acting. She is not like a kid, her acting is really good. Thought or spoken, all is done really well. While filming, I hardly ever had a scene with her, but I monitored her from the monitor and not just me, in fact, everyone was surprised”.

Image Source: CJ Entertainment

In the movie ‘Battleship Island’ So Ji Sub plays as Choi Chil Sung, the best fighter who is in charge of Jongno area. He has a calm character. So Ji Sub explains, “Choi Chil Sung is the one who just stares and walks forward”.

He is not a productive actor. “I do it once a year. At least three works in two years at most. I do not think I’ll do two works in a year. I need time to charge after the shoot. I have a lot to do when I’m done. After following the drama, I have to go doing promotions and takes my time for the tour. I think I need a little time to get it done”.

So Ji Sub also revealed he had watched the show Mnet ‘Show Me the Money 6’. “I enjoyed the show ‘Show Me the Money’. I’ve seen all the seasons, if you have to choose, I think the rapper named Nucksal is quite mesmerizing”.

Image Source: 51K

In the interview, there was a question about marriage, but So Ji Sub said, “I have not thought of getting married yet.” Then he added, “I’m used to being alone. I do not have the confidence to be the head of the family. I’m having a lot of trouble in my late thirties, but now it’s down. So I thought it would be more difficult to meet someone”.

‘Battleship Island’ seems to be an important work of So Ji Sub. He wants to gain the trust of the audience. “So far, I do not think I’m giving much confidence to the audience. I have not done much to make a goal for a while. I want to be an actor who can give that kind of trust in the future”.

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