‘Bride of the Water God’ Releases Previews of Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung’s Kiss Scene

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Bride of the Water God 2017’ revealed a preview of So A (Shin Se Kyung) and Ha Baek (Nam Joo Hyuk) standing under the moonlight. Seems like they’re going to have another kiss scene soon!

In the eighth episode of ‘Bride of the Water God 2017′, So A and Ha Baek began to pay attention to each other’s behavior. Therefore, viewers’ interest is focused on SoBaek couple.

Image Source : tvN

In the preview, So A and Ha Baek are looking at each other. Ha Baek looks grumpy as he realizes that he must return to Hydrangea World because his task is done. He could not take his eyes off So A, staring at every corner of her face as he looked at the woman.

So A does not shy away from Ha Baek’s eyes. However, So A, who knows that one day Ha Baek must leave her side, cannot keep but to be teary-eyed. The strange tension that ensues between So A-Ha Baek made the audience cannot wait for what’s going to happen next. Will they kiss?

The production team of ‘Bride of the Water God 2017’ wrote, “On the 9th episode, So A and Ha Baek will be able to confirm their feelings for each other. In particular, their second kiss would be an opportunity for So A and Ha Baek romance to unfold, unlike Ha Baek’s previous kiss, which he did to ‘wake’ So Ah. We expect a lot of interest from viewers, please look forward to this scene.”

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