‘Living Together in Empty Room’ Sandara Park and P.O in A Weird ‘Sseom’ Atmosphere

Block B’s member, P.O, conveyed his admiration towards 2NE1’s Sandara Park.

On MBC’s live entertainment show ‘Living Together in Empty Room’ on the 28th, Sandara Park and P.O live together with comedian Jo Se Ho.

Image Source: MBC

In that episode, Jo Se Ho who ate ramyeon with Sandara Park said, “It’s rumored that P.O is your fan”. Then Sandara Park said, “You say it because P.O is not there, but I don’t know whether he’s still my fans or not until now. That was 8 years ago”.

Then she added, “Back then, his phone background was my picture, he said on the internet that he liked it. It’s possible that he no longer adores me and I’m confused what to do”.

Then Jo Se Ho said, “P.O told me ‘Ah, Hyung is amazing’, and he also said that P.O still likes Sandara Park”.

Image Source: MBC

In the studio, P.O, who watched the VCR, has his face flushed red to his ears and attracted attention because he could not hide his feelings.

Since then Sandara Park has brought P.O in her personal schedule and raised the hopes for the program.

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