4 Trending Second Lead Actors

New actors are starting to appear and attract viewers. These new actors became a hot topic of conversation since appearing in popular dramas as second leads. Not only  their handsome appearance, but also their acting performance are being highlighted. Who are these actors?

1. Jung Hae In ‘While You were Sleeping’

Image Source: SBS

Jung Hae In plays Han Woo Tak in the drama ‘While You were Sleeping’. He plays a very mysterious handsome police character for an unknown story of his past. Han Woo is a very kind, caring, caring person, and therefore, Hong Joo (Suzy) considers him to be her daughter-in-law. This almost perfect character really attracts the attention of the female fans who watched it until he became the number 1 most-search profile online.

2. Lee Seo Won ‘Hospital Ship’

Image Source: MBC

The love triangle story offered by ‘Hospital Ship’ makes Lee Seo Won who plays doctor Kim Jae Gul rise in popularity. Despite looking a bit arrogant, Kim Jae Gul (Lee Seo Won) has a very genuine love for Song Eun Jae (Ha Ji Won). He let Song Eun Jae fall into other man’s embrace (Kwak Hyun). Instead of showing hatred and revenge against both, Kim Jae Gul accepted her decision wholeheartedly. The character of a faithful man played by Lee Seo Won has become a conversation among viewers.

3. Gong Myung ‘Revolutionary Love’

Image Source: tvN

Gong Myung has attracted attention since playing the gods in the drama ‘The Bride of the Water God’. Currently he is back playing with his colleague Choi Si Won in the drama ‘Revolutionary Love’. Gong Myung acts as a man named Kwon Je Hoon who is very smart but stays humble. Acting as a grown man, Gong Myung is crowned as the second lead that viewers admire.

4. Kim Jae Wook ‘Temperature of Love’

Image Source: SBS

Kim Jae Wook plays Park Jung Woo in the drama ‘Temperature of Love’. He plays the character of a rich entertainment agency CEO. Kim Jae Wook acts as a handsome and rich man whom women love. No doubt if this time he also becomes the topic of discussion among drama fans.

Of the four second lead actors above, which one do you like best?