‘Battleship Island’ Released the Still Cuts of Song Joong Ki and So Ji Sub

Battleship Island received many good comments from the Korean audience. ‘Battleship Island’ which is now becoming the box office movie just released the still cuts of So Ji Sub and Song Joong Ki that captivate the attention of the female audience.

Image Source: CJ Entertainment

The still cuts are focusing on the charm of the powerful man Choi Chil Sung, the best fighter in Kyung Sung played by So Ji Sub. Choi Chil Sung makes a scene in the Battleship Island, showing his unique presence. He is a figure with a strong charisma, a comrade who helped to free the Korean people until the end. So Ji Sub’s character, Choi Chil Sung, who has a deep feeling and is known to be a man who knows no borders leaves a good impression in the eyes of the audience.

Image Source: CJ Entertainment

The still cut of OSS agent Park Moo Young played by Song Joong Ki shows the scene before he goes to the Battleship Island. He undergoes a serious training and shows a great charisma through his determination. Park Moo Young has a good ability in operations, after entering the warship he did his mission and led the Korean people to escape. The still cuts of So Ji Sub and Song Joong Ki have captivated the audience with their acting power and unique charms. The audience will continue to look forward to the two’s appearance and the movie is sure to gain popularity in the second week after the initial release.

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