‘School 2017’ Still Can’t Achieve the Same Success that ‘Fight for My Way’ Had

Last month, on July 17th, ‘School 2017’ started airing. Up until this moment, the drama has aired 6 episodes. So far, ‘School 2017’ has always ranked third in Monday-Tuesday drama slot, the lowest among other terrestrial channels.

‘School 2017’ tells the story of high school students with many secrets and thoughts that are unknown to adults. One year ago, Hyun Tae Woon (Kim Jung Hyun) got into a bus accident and had to lose his friend, Im Joon Ki. There is also a conflict involving Song Dae Hwi (Jang Dong Yoon) and Ra Eun Ho (Kim Se Jung). The three of them are going to have a love triangle.

Image Source : KBS

However, it’s hard for ‘School 2017’ to raise its rating. Before the drama was broadcasted, many people had high expectation as ‘School 2017′ is the latest installment of a highly popular series. Unfortunately, after watching the two first episodes, many people criticized the actors’ acting as excessive and the plot as unrealistic.

Image Source : KBS

‘School 2017’ has lost its chance to raise people’s expectation toward the drama by starting with a weak episode. What do you think of this drama, readers? Will it be as successful as ‘Fight for My Way’, its predecessor in KBS?

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