‘Man Who Dies to Live’ Tops While ‘Reunited Worlds’ and ‘Seven Days Queen’ are Neck to Neck in Wednesday-Thursday Drama Slot

‘Man Who Dies to Live’ is firmly topping Wednesday-Thursday drama slot.

Image Source: MBC, SBS, KBS

According to research firm Nielsen Korea, the first part of ‘Man Who Dies to Live’ earned a rating of 7.4% while the second earned a rating of 9.6%. Last week, the first part got 8.0% rating and the second got 9.2%. ‘Man Who Dies to Live’ still managed to lead Wednesday-Thursday drama slot.

On last night’s episode, Choi Min Soo’s real daughter, Kang Ye Won, was enjoying a date when she encountered past memories.

Two dramas that were aired during the same time, ‘Reunited World’, earned 6.6% rating and 7.9% rating, while KBS ‘Seven Days Queen’ got a rating of 7.1%.

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