4 Korean Hand Creams to Make Your Skin Feels Smooth

Anyone would agree that taking care of your skin especially your face is important. Not only that, you need to know that taking care of the condition of your hands is also needed. The reason is we use our hands for everything like typing, using a cell phone or taking food. Hands are also often exposed to the sun which can them appear more dull, rough, and cracked. Other factors such as cold weather, hot weather, chemicals in the soap can make the thin skin on your hands to need extra care. CastKo will give you a recommendation of the 4 Korean brand hand cream products for you!

1. Tony Moly Fruit Hand Cream

Image Source: Mishibox

One of the benefits of this hand cream is its fresh and soothing aroma. Comes in an adorable fruit-shaped packaging, this hand cream is perfect to accompany you while you are traveling or to use at home. In addition, this hand cream contains vitamin-rich nutrients that can keep your hands moisturized throughout the day. The moisture from this cream can last until the next day and make the hands soft when touched without feeling sticky and greasy.

2. The Face Shop Lovely Mini Mix Pet Perfume Hand Cream

Image Source: The Face Shop

The packaging of this product is super adorable! The texture of this hand cream is quite light and resembles a famous aloe vera which is known to be very moisturizing. In terms of aroma, this hand cream comes in four different aromas: baby powder, fruit, flowers, and sweet. The aroma lasts about 2-3 hours and slowly disappears throughout the day, leaving your hands soft but not feeling greasy. This product is also easy to get in all the outlets of The Face Shop in Indonesia.

3. Nature Republic Hand and Nature Cream

Image Source: Nature Republic

Having a smooth hand is indeed every woman’s dream. Nature Republic Hand and Nature Cream is the answer to all dry and flaky skin problems. This phenomenal product comes in 5 different fragrances and is a shea butter based product, making your hands stay beautiful and smooth naturally. The texture is a bit thick and heavy so it is very moisturizing and can make your hands feel smooth throughout the day. The packaging is also very compact, so you can slip it into your wallet or small bag while traveling.

4. InnisFree Olive Real Moisture Hand Cream

Image Source: Innisfree

Olive oil has been known to have many benefits to complement your dishes or even to use in health and beauty products. InnisFree sees the opportunity to take advantage of the olive oil and combines it with their hand cream product. This product is not only moisturizing but also lasts throughout the day. The texture at first might feels a bit thick, but once you rub the product, it will spread smoothly and melt as it becomes light. You also do not have to worry because the smell is not like olive oil in the kitchen. This cream has an organic smell that reminds you of flowers that are similar to lavender. Overall, this product takes care of your dry hands by moisturizing and nourishing the skin.