Remake ‘Reply 1988’, tvN Admitted Never Sold the Copyright

After tvN ‘Youn’s Kitchen’, this time it’s ‘Reply 1988’. China has decided to create a Chinese version of ‘Reply 1988’ without an official permission.

Chinese media, such as Sinawi, reported that ‘We Are Adolescence’ is a Chinese version of ‘Reply 1988’.

Image Source: tvN

‘We Are Adolescence’ deals with youth, neighbors, and family problems as the remake of the drama ‘Reply 1988’. Chinese media said the drama ‘We Are Adolescence’ is in the production process. In addition, there are negative reactions to the remake in China and the copyright issues being pointed out.

On this matter, the tvN party revealed, “We don’t sell the copyright to China in relation with ‘Reply 1988′”.

Image Source: tvN, Hunan Satellite TV

China recently introduced ‘Chinese Restaurant’, which plagiarized ‘Youn’s Kitchen’. ‘Chinese Restaurant’ is a format in which Chinese food is sold abroad. Jo Mi shows a fashion that seems to follow Jung Yoo Mi, who is a cast of ‘Youn’s Kitchen’. From ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ to ‘Reply 1988’, there’s a problem plagiarizing Korean content in China and the voice of criticism is getting bigger.

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