Audience Will Miss Lee Joon, Ji Chang Wook, and Kang Haneul Prior to Departure to the Military

Actor Lee Joon, Ji Chang Wook, and Kang Haneul will soon enter the army. They become more active than anyone. The departure of the actors and the singer who are loved by the public is very unfortunate.

On August 1st, through his personal Instagram, Lee Joon reported that he will go to the military on October 24th. He will attend the 8th Division training school, and for 21 months will serve in the military.

Image Source: KBS

Before the military, Lee Joon starred in KBS 2TV’s drama ‘My Father is Strange’ which is coming to an end. In the drama, he plays as Ahn Jong Hee and portrays a romantic story with Jung So Min. It is a pity because Lee Joon is being liked by many people.

Image Source: SBS

On the 14th, Ji Chang Wook will enter the military. Ji Chang Wook will join the training center in Cheorwon, Kangwon-do after doing basic military training. The final work before Ji Chang Wook entered the army is SBS ‘Suspicious Partner’. This is the first drama in his life that carries the genre of romantic comedy. Nevertheless, he is still favored by many women. Many female fans are saddened by his departure to the military.

Image Source: Lotte Entertainment

Kang Haneul will join the military as a military police on September 11. When the men born in 1987 and 1988 entered the military this year, Kang Haneul decided to first join the military. This is very different from other idols and the decision has the support of a special military police officer of the national defense commands. Kang Haneul who is loved by the viewers through his stable appearance has to join the military and the news is quite unfortunate while it serves as a good deed as well.

If Lee Joon, Ji Chang Wook and Kang Haneul join the military, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, TVXQ Max Chang Min, and Lee Seung Gi will be back soon. They are expected to be able to return to the entertainment industry with their music and acting activities.

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