‘Woman of Dignity’ Kim Sun Ah Thanked the Audience for the Good Response

Kim Sun Ah’s extraordinary acting skills are becoming a hot topic, as she changes from being a caring nurse in JTBC drama ‘Woman of Dignity’ and becomes a full-time wife.

Regarding Park Bok Ja, she said, “Please observe the progress of those who are dissatisfied with the upper class who then become desperate and have their own ups and downs”.

Image Source: JTBC

A mysterious person who has purposely approached the house of Woo Ah Jin (Kim Hee Sun) envies everyone and shows the desires to have a glamorous, rich, and beautiful life. She acts brilliantly to make Woo Ah Jin’s father-in-law, An Tae Dong (Kim Yong Goon), a tool to her success. Last week, she gave all of the company’s shares to Ahn Tae Dong.

Prior to this, she opened herself to Ahn Tae Dong’s family members and made her words to be cold. The actress, who is acting like a meek sheep in front of them, still shows weakness in the graceful man who shows his hidden desire and escapes. They focus on the bloody confrontations and unique works.

Image Source: JTBC

Park Bok Ja, who represents the lower classes, continues to reveal the past to avoid anger in the past after she climbed into the upper class. Makes the audience curious to know who will be the real killer of the suspect who has killed her, and helping them to change their minds.

Kim Sun Ah, who not only features romantic comedy scenes but also thrilling scenes with her vast acting skill, is getting popular every day. The praises that have filled her character, goes beyond the masterpiece of ‘My Lovely Sam Soon’ and still continues even now.

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