From ‘A Millionaire’s First Love’ to ‘Reunited Worlds’ Lee Yeon Hee is Still the Icon of ‘First Love’ for 12 Years

Lee Yeon Hee has a unique charm of innocence.

She introduced herself to the public through the movie ‘A Millionaire’s First Love’ which was released in February 2006.

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The story is about someone who inherited the grandfather(Hyun Bin)’s legacy and became a millionaire. However, the conditions to receive this inheritance is for her to graduate from a rural school, and the mountain girl named Eun Hwan is Lee Yeon Hee. Eun Hwan is a beautiful character with many bright and charming characters, but she has a painful character. She plays a character with a mysterious atmosphere, but Lee Yeon Hee’s charm still shines brightly.

Lee Yeon Hee has returned after 12 years stiill as the ‘Icon of First Love’. Lee Yeon Hee is currently playing as Jung Jung Won in the SBS drama ‘Reunited Worlds’. Jung Jung Won missed Sung Hae Sung (Yeo Jin Goo), who died 12 years ago, and got a job at a restaurant to fulfill her dream. But being a chef is a difficult thing. Jung Jung Won is a character with an overflowing charm but she is also a bad character. Lee Yeon Hee also plays a comedic role with funny scenes such as falling onto the ground, or cutting her bangs badly.

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The main story of ‘Reunited Worlds’ is about the love story between Sung Hae Sung who has died for 12 years and Jung Jung Won who is now 31 years old. Lee Yeon Hee and Yeo Jin Goo has a 10 years age gap but their acting as a couple is very good.

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