From Super Junior to EXO, SM Entertainment’s Artists Greet Hong Kong Fans in SM Town Special Stage

On August 5th, ‘SMTOWN SPECIAL STAGE in HONG KONG’ was held in Hong Kong Coliseum, featuring SM artists such as Super Junior-D & E, Yesung, Shinee, f (x) Luna, EXO, Red Velvet and NCT. All of them succeeded in attracting more than 8,000 spectators.

Image Source: SM Entertainment

The concert was held as part of a 3-day ‘E-Sports & Music Festival’ event held from August 4th, which was sponsored by Hong Kong Tourism Board. This was the first time ‘SMTOWN LIVE’ was held in Hong Kong, and the tickets were instantly sold out right after it was opened. For 2 hours 30 minutes, fans were treated to satisfying music and performances from SM idols.

Image Source: SM Entertainment

In the concert, SM artists sang their hit songs, such as NCT DREAM with ‘Chewing Gum’, Super Junior-D & E with ‘Oppa Oppa’, EXO-CBX with ‘Hey MaMa!’. There were also many collaboration stages, for example, Chanyeol X Wendy with ‘Stay With Me’, Xiumin X Mark with ‘Young & Free’, Yesung X Seulgi with ‘Darling U’. The concert was also completed with solo performances from Yesung, Taemin, Jonghyun, and Luna, who managed to captivate fans. In addition, several groups sang their latest summer hits, such as Red Velvet with their song ‘Red Flavor’ and EXO, with their title track ‘Ko Ko Bop’, which managed to wipe out global charts.

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