Junggigo to Sing ‘Bride of the Water God’ OST

Singer Junggigo will participate in the OST of tvN’s drama, ‘Bride of Water God’. Titled ‘Thinking of You’, this song will be the theme song for Habaek’s feelings (Nam Joo Hyuk) towards So Ah (Shin Se Kyung). This song will add to the excitement of the story because of the emotional sensibility shown by Junggigo.

This song did not only reinforce the emotions in Habaek and So Ah’s kiss scene in episode 9, but also had adorned the end of episode 10. Many viewers have asked for the song to be released even before it was actually made public.

With a very ear-catching melody and lyrics that read ‘We can not even dream, we should not have feelings’, ‘I miss you like a snowball and this makes me crazy’, the OST makes the drama even perfect.

Image Source : tvN

‘Bride of Water God 2017’ is a drama which recently received high rating. The drama tells of a Water God named Habaek who comes down to earth and meet a psychiatrist, Yoon So Ah. This drama is an adaptation from a Korean popular manhwa/comic with the same name.

‘Bride of Water God 2017’ airs every Monday and Tuesday at 22.50pm. OST Part 5, which is sung by Junggigo, ‘Thinking of You’, will be released today on July 7th through various music sites.

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