Sung Hoon Gives Up Swimming because of Park Tae Hwan?

In MBC’s variety show ‘I Live Alone’ Sung Hoon became the subject of conversation because of his unexpected charm. Sung Hoon then did a photo shoot with bnt.

In this photoshoot, Sung Hoon shows a colorful charm. He wore a white jacket and training pants. He shows a chic mood and wears a denim jumpsuit. Sung Hoon looks casual in a river. In addition, his appearance as a former swimmer looks masculine in the pool.

Image Source : bnt

After the photo shoot, in an interview, he told his story. Some time ago he was filming ‘I Live Alone’ and appeared as ‘Dried Fish’, he gave his response, “I showed the real me in the show.” He also added that he did not feel burdened as an actor.

As a former swimmer, he explains the reason he decided to stop swimming. “A very crucial decision was the emergence of the incomparable Park Tae Hwan, so I decided to quit.”

Image Source : bnt

Besides being an actor he is active as DJ Roy, “As a DJ, I’m preparing a song. I’ll work with people I can work with,” Sung Hoon said. Last question was about his goal, in which he answered honestly, “All actors wish for their acting skills to be acknowledged.”

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