Han Ji Min, Han Hyo Joo, and Chu Ja Hyeon Spend Their Time Together

Chu Ja Hyeon, Han Ji Min, and Han Hyo Joo enjoyed their free time together.

Image Source: Instagram

On August 8th, actress Han Ji Min wrote a caption “I’ve eaten well ~ sous-chef #chujahyeon #hanhyojoo #success #successfullycontact” while posting two photos through his personal instagram account.

In the photos posted, it looks Han Ji Min and Han Hyo Joo was visiting Chu Ja Hyeon’s house to eat together. The 3 beautiful ladies share photos showing their affection for each other. Their cute selca shows the atmosphere of happiness.

Image Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, Han Ji Min will return to the screen through the movie ‘Miss Baek’. ‘Miss Baek’ tells of a woman who wants to save a girl from this cruel world, and also a story about a man who wants to keep a woman he loves.

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