Kim Yuna, Jun Ji Hyun, and Suzy Become ‘2017 Commercial New Troika’

There will always be troika in the history of the advertising industry. There will always be an ad model that gets popular through the drama, but the troika or the goddess has been loved by consumers for a long time and receives a lot of love calls from the advertising industry.

In 2000, we know the term ‘Tae Hye Ji’ which consists the famous artists Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Kyo, and Jun Ji Hyun.

Image Source: Coca Cola

Ad models that can be called a typical goddess in this era are Kim Yuna, Jun Ji Hyun and Suzy. Kim Yuna is not only a Korean figure or symbol for winter sports but she also got a lot of love calls from advertising companies for her innocent and trustworthy image. In addition to ‘Gangwon Pyeonchangsoo’ Kim Yuna has also worked with various products in various fields such as It’s Skin, KB Financial Group, J.Estina, and New Balance for women.

Image Source: GUCCI

Being a goddess in the year 2000, then through her role in ‘My Love from The Star’ in 2013, Jun Ji Hyun again gets the chance to become a famous advertising model. Currently, Jun Ji Hyun is working with Nepa, Shinsegae Duty Free Shop, Volvic Golf wear, and Stonehenge.

Image Source: Sprite, Nescafe

Suzy decided to renew her contract with JYP Entertainment. After starring in ‘Introduction to Architecture’ Suzy is known to have gained 10 billion won for advertising revenue for 14 months. She got the image of ‘National first love’ through ‘Introduction to Architecture’, still in the same market, she occupies the second position according to KOBACO’s Consumer Behavior survey in 2014, then 2015 still in position 2, and 2016 is in position 4.

Of course, Suzy becomes an expensive model to renew the contract. Vita 500 from Guangdong Pharmaceutical has been effective ly using Suzy as their model since 2013. Last year Suzy has worked as a model for Denim and Guess brands.

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