Idols Who Are Busy Acting

Idols are now busy with their new activity which is acting. Park Hyung Sik ‘ZE:A’, for example, appears in ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’. In the successful drama ‘Defendant’ there is SNSD Yu Ri. Lastly, in ‘Chief Kim’, there is 2PM Jun Ho. This is the era of ‘acting idols’.

Image source: K-Star

‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ replaces ‘Infinity Challenge’ as the most favorite TV program. The first episode of the drama easily surpassed the targetted rating and until now still continuing their success. One of the reasons why ‘Do Bong Soon’ is successful is because of the appearance of ZE:A Park Hyung Sik. On White Day, he gave the fans a special gift, which is a warm hug!

Image source: K-Star

In Monday to Tuesday drama which always tops the rating, ‘Defendant’, there is SNSD Yu Ri. In this drama, she performs really well and is able to transform into ‘actress Kwon Yu Ri’.

Image source: K-Star

Then in Wednesday to Thursday drama, ‘Chief Kim’, there is 2PM Jun Ho who plays as an antagonist character. “My role this time is a new challenge for me”, said Jun Ho. This drama looks even more interesting with the competition of him against Namgung Min.