Lee Joon and Lee Jong Suk Made Different Decisions Regarding Military Service

Lee Joon decided to go while Lee Jong Suk chose to postpone his military service. Both actors chose differently in making military service decisions.

Recently, Lee Joon who was born in 1988 and Lee Jong Suk born in 1989, are becoming the main public’s attention on the topic of military serivce. Lee Joon, who is enjoying the peak of his popularity through KBS 2TV’s ‘My Father is Strange’ weekend drama, which got a 30% rating, has confirmed to join military service on October 24, 2017. The drama he plays will end at the end of this month, and Lee Joon will take a short break before following the draft.

Image Source: KBS2

On the other hand, Lee Jong Suk had received a summon to attend military service on August 10, but he postponed it one week before the appointed time. In this case,Lee Jong Suk gave a statement, “I feel sorry because I signed up later than my colleagues, and I understand that it is something I should do as a Korean person,” he said.

The agency explained that Lee Jong Suk decided to postpone the draft due to fulfilling his responsibilities as a movie actor ‘V.I.P’ which will be released on August 24th, and the actor in the SBS drama ‘While you were Sleeping’ which will air from September. At the same time, he insisted to be careful to join other works.

Image Source: Warner Bros

Lee Joon reminds fans with some of the top stars who left in his ‘peak of popularity’ to follow the draft. Kyun Bin, Song Joong Ki and other actors joined military service while at the peak of popularity, and fulfilled national defense duties to maintain public trust.

Lee Jong Suk is very much looking at the big opportunity in front of him. Lee Jong Suk is more of a hot topic through his postponement of compulsory military service than his participation in the movie. Actually last year, Lee Joon got 7 million viewers through the movie ‘Luck-key’ and was featured as strong characters in the movie ‘The Piper’, ‘Rough Play’ and more.

Lee Jong Suk will make his big screen debut through the movie ‘V.I.P’. We look forward to the audience rating towards the movie, and we will wait for the audience’s review. Lee Jong Suk said, “I am very excited about this movie. I have put all my acting skills to succeed this film ” he said with high hopes.