Lee Min Ho, Joo Won, Im Siwan, Until Ji Chang Wook, The Actors Currently Serving for Military

After Joo Won and Im Siwan, it is time for Ji Chang Wook to enter the military. The stars that will enter the military gained public’s interest. Ji Chang Wook will join the 3rd infantry division in Cheorwon, Gangwon-do for military on August 14th. Before entering the military, he conveyed that he wanted to enter the military in peace and will not have greeting events with fans.

Ji Chang Wook debuted 10 years ago through drama ‘You Stole My Heart’ in 2008 and this year, he will enter the military. Ji Chang Wook has been active in various drama genres and has grown as an actor through ‘My Too Perfect Sons’, ‘Healer’, ‘Smile Again’, ‘Five Fingers’, ‘Empress Ki’, ‘K2’ to ‘Suspicious Partner’.

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Before entering the army, Ji Chang Wook had completed SBS ‘Suspicious Partner’ drama, until some time ago, Ji Chang Wook has attracted attention through various events, such as fan meetings he held for military entry. Many fans regretted his departure to the military. Ji Chang Wook has produced the perfect drama and transformed into ‘King of Romantic Comedy’ with excellent acting skills.

This year, many shining stars are serving the military. Hallyu star Lee Min Ho on last May started working as a social worker, Joo Won entered the army on May 16, and Im Siwan was enlisted on 11 July.

All the actors have completed a work before entering the military. Lee Min Ho participated as an MC in MBC’s nature documentary ‘DMZ The Wild’. Joo Won played in the drama ‘My Sassy Girl’ before entering the military. Then Im Siwan starred in MBC’s pre-production drama ‘The King Loves’.

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This time, Ji Chang Wook joins the military. On January 13 Ji Chang Wook wrote a short message on his instagram with caption “I’ll be back safely, Salute.” The farewell with Ji Chang Wook was the same as the military actors this year. They volunteered to enter the military enthusiastically and said “of course we have to go to military.”

Artists who enter the military this year do not end here. Lee Joon, Kang Haneul and Lee Soo Hyuk decided to join in the second half of this year. Lee Jong Suk also decided to enter the military next year. It is of interest, however, that the involvement of such artists into the military will affect their existence on the screen and on the big screen.

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