‘Criminal Mind’ Released Still-Cuts of The NCI Agents Having a Relaxing Time

On August 14th, Wednesday-Thursday’s drama ‘Criminal Mind’ released the still-cuts of the comportment analysis team agent NCI who was at the scene of a case.

Previously, NCI agents tried to catch some criminals by exploiting a series of events and creating tension. At the end of episode 6, the murderer of a woman’s abduction was identified as Song Yoo Kyung’s suspect wife, which was very surprising.

The NCI agents searched for Song Yoo Kyung again and faced various challenges to find other victims whose safety could not be ascertained.

Image Source: tvN

In the released still-cuts, NCI agents took their eyes off as they were enjoying a grudging time to temporarily relieve the tension in the field. In the relaxed atmosphere, the agent were laughing and letting go of the burden, for they have only been dealing with criminals.

The NCI agent created friendly relationships with one another. They prepared a surprise party for NCV HappyVirus.

Image Source: tvN

In the drama ‘Criminal Mind’, the agents once again traced the serial killer Reaper who some time ago had disappeared and increased the tension. There is a sense of wonder whether Kang Ki Hyung who has not fully overcome PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) will be able to reface the Reaper correctly.

‘Criminal Mind’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 22.50 KST.

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