‘Save Me’ Jo Sung Ha and Ok Taecyeon, A Thriller With Surprising Ending

‘Save Me’ depicted a thriller with ‘shocking ending’ in the past, it gave a refreshing feeling to the viewers in the middle of the heated night in summer.

On the day’s broadcast, it illustrated the process of Im Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji) and her family’s getting into the organization after getting help from the pastor. Previously Sang Mi’s dad, Im Joo Ho went to the clinic and mudang (shaman) to heal Kim Bo Eun, a depressed mother who lost her son Im Sang Jin who has died. Unlike Im Sang Mi who rejected the organization,  Im Joo Ho decided to stay for the next 3 years.

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After three years passed, the tension in ‘Save Me’ became more intense. Han Sang Hwan (Ok Taecyeon) becomes a law student, and he remembered that he could not save Im Sang Mi in the past. For three years, he tried to ignore everything and had fun with his friends. Suk Dong Chul, who is in prison, has been released, while Pastor Baek Jung Ki (Jo Sung Ha), a former member of the pseudo, is now a member of the party and visits the pseudo regularly, demonstrating his power.

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However, the reality in the pseudo group has become a disaster. Jung Goo who witnessed the persecution by pseudo manager Jo Wan Tae, was attacked. Im Sang Mi told to be taken to the hospital, but the answer was “it’s okay to suffer, treat fairly” and made Im Sang Mi angry. Finally, under the permission of Baek Jung Ki, she checked Jung Goo’s case record in the car that will drive her to the hospital, and she was shocked. But when she arrived at the clinic, Im Sang Mi tried to attack Jo Tae Wan, making the car fell. The end of episode 4 was staggering filled with a stunning scene as the seat belt hung upside down with blood on her head.

The background music and splendid camera movement  made viewers amazed by its scene. This left a strong and deep impression. It was rated as a great thriller performance of all time and received numerous compliments.

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In the ‘Car Accident’ ending of drama ‘Save Me’, there were a lot of questions, such as when will the reunion of Han Sang Hwan and Suk Dong Chul will happen and how they met Seo Ye Ji. This has raised curiosity and high expectations from the viewer along with the development of the drama in the future. ‘Save Me’ airs every Saturday and Sunday at 22:20 KST.

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