Onew Officially Departs From JTBC ‘Age of Youth Season 2’

Onew officially dropped out of the drama ‘Age of Youth 2’ and the show is looking for a replacement.

On August 16, the representatives of the drama ‘Age of Youth 2’ confirmed, “Onew will leave this drama. Nevertheless, we have not decided about the replacement or what will happen after this”. SM Entertainment also immediately gave a statement, “Onew’s departure from the drama has been confirmed after discussing with the drama production staffs of ‘Age of Youth 2′”.

Image Source: JTBC

On August 12, the public was struck by the news that SHINee’s Onew did a sexual harassment. According to the police, Onew was accused of touching 2 parts of A 20-year-old female body in a nightclub and Onew was examined for 5 hours to be questioned along with the woman named “A”. So far, a sexual harassment case that snares Onew has been transferred to the prosecutor’s office despite reports being dropped by the victim.

The drama ‘Age of Youth 2’ will air on August 25th and on season 1 broadcasting, the drama is very popular among teenage viewers. In fact, Onew plays Kwon Ho Chang and will have a love line with Ye Eun (Han Seung Yeon), a girl who is traumatized of being abused in her past relationship. But the young audience said that it would be difficult to change the character that Onew played with others because Onew was accused of sexual harassment.

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