‘The King Loves’ Im Siwan and Im Yoona Are in Danger

On August 15, MBC ‘The King Loves’ episode 19 and 20 depicts Wang Won (Im Siwan) who is angry with the crisis faced by Eun San (Im Yoona). Wang Won chose Wang Dan and Eun San is in danger. For the sake of Wang Won and Wang Rin, Eun San surrenders her position and is caught by Princess Won Sung.

All this time Eun San was in a situation where her father Eun Young Baek could be dragged because the sin he committed has changed his status, so he will not send himself. Eun Young Baek was caught in the situation.

Image Source: MBC

Wang Won hears Eun San’s story through Wang Rin, with a mature thought he decides to protect his people with his strength. Song In searches for Eun Young Baek and threatens to pull his things when Eun San is caught by Princess Won Sung.

King Chungnyeol was trapped in Song In’s trick and increasingly suspected Wang Won. Finally, he looks for Eun San, and gets out of Wang Won’s territory.

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Wang Won observes the movement of King Chungnyeol and orders Wang Rin to bring Eun San away. Princess Won Sung gives Eun San to Wang Rin. Wang Rin brings Eun San, trying to get out of the house but is caught by King Chungnyeol.

Image Source: MBC

King Chungnyeol pulled Eun San and said, “Put her on the list.” Wang Won takes Eun San away “do not dare touch her. You don’t hear me?” Wang Won said. King Chungnyeol opposes Wang Won’s orders, “You want to die in my hands?” Said the king. Wang Won looked into the eyes of King Chungnyeol bravely and instead gave him a scary look. King Chungnyeol was shocked.

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