Hwang Jung Eum On August 15 Gave Birth to Her First Child

Hwang Jung Eum on the 15th gave birth to her first child. “Thank you for all the prayers”, she said.

Image Source: ELLE

Hwang Jung Eum has given birth to her first child after her marriage.

C-Jes Entertainment says “Hwang Jung Eum has given birth to a boy on August 15th through a normal birth process. She and her child are in a good health and stable condition, and they get lots of prayers from the family and close friends”.

Image Source: ELLE

Then Hwang Jung Eum said “I feel grateful for my son who was born in a good health, moreover I am happy because he was born on independence day. Thank you for the prayers you have given to us”.

Meanwhile, Hwang Jung Eum has been married to a golf player and a businessman Lee Yeong Don in February last year. In February of this year, she released the official news of her pregnancy.

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