‘Criminal Mind’ From Kim Won Hae to Jo Han Cheol, the Impressive Evil Acting

The actor who acts as a villain in ‘Criminal Mind’ gets praises for his outstanding acting. Starting from the case of a serial murder with the NCI team, Kim Won Hae, on the 16th and 17th, Im Soo Hyang – Jo Han Cheol which makes the conversation becomes very good, has expanded its interest in the drama.

On the 17th, in the tvN drama, ‘Criminal Mind’, Jang Kwa Jang (Jo Han Cheol) was traumatized by the loss of his youngest daughter which made him into a killer. When he was driving a car speeding down the highway, Jang Kwa Jang witnessed the death of his youngest daughter who was hit by another car.

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After that, Jang Kwa Jang cannot escape the guilt and shut himself from the others. Meanwhile, his wife and daughter live just like usual, Jang Kwa Jang cannot accept it. One day, he got into a fight with another car while driving, and a woman driving a car ignored him. It makes Jang Kwa Jang remember his wife and shoot her with a gun.

Luckily the woman survived, but after that Jang Kwa Jang felt the sensation of being a killer and making him more serious in killing people. Every night he drives the car and intentionally bumps onto another car and kills the driver.

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Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Ki) wants to make the case for a public investigation, but Ki Hyung (Son Hyun Joo) said it could provoke the killings and prohibits the public investigation. But the murders are becoming worse, and this is reportedly based on the investigations. When Jang Kwa Jang saw the murder scene he felt angry and left the company, a co-worker who felt weird about the incident reported it.

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Hyun Joon chases Jang Kwa Jang, Team NCI and Ki Hyung visited Jang Kwa Jang’s home. In his home, there were the dead bodies of Jang Kwa Jang’s wife and eldest daughter. But Jang Kwa Jang has lost awareness of reality and thinks his wife and daughter are still alive. He kept talking to them.

Finally, Hyun Joon takes over and catches Jang Kwa Jang. Jo Han Cheol who plays the character of the villain Jang Kwa Jang gets a double act as a killer.

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