Experience After Debut Makes Suzy Feel Brave In Taking A Decision

Singer and actress Suzy showed her interest in acting.

Image Source: ELLE

Suzy has recently taken a photo shoot for the fashion magazine ELLE with an exotic scenery in Rome, Italy, including the Colosseum and Pincio.

Debuted in 2010, Suzy who is a singer and an actress has a solid position in the industry. Suzy wore feminine dresses and colorful outfit that made her look perfect. Suzy is seen sitting in a cafeteria in Rome to eat pasta and buy gelato from a food truck to commemorate the movie ‘Roman Holiday’ which aired in 2017.

Image Source: ELLE

In her interview, Suzy said “After debut, I love all the works that are offered to me, and it all makes me stronger. I don’t want to be limited by my image and want to keep doing exciting jobs to express my performance”.

Image Source: ELLE

Meanwhile, the drama which Suzy is starring, ‘While You Were Sleeping’ will premiere on SBS station in September.

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