Lee Joon Ki Who Previously Plays As Gong Gil in A Historical Drama, Now Becomes A Profiler

Lee Joon Ki is one of the leading actors in Korea. He has a good acting performance and acting skills in the historical genre.

Image Source: Cinema Service, SBS

Lee Joon Ki made his debut in 2004, and in 2005 took part in the movie ‘The King and the Clown’. In the film, Lee Joon Ki plays Gong Gil who is dressed up as a woman. Prettier than an original woman, Lee Joon Ki makes a sensation with his unusual acting skills.

Since then, Lee Joon Ki has shown a romantic side of himself, action scenes, and the image of a male in a historical drama. He plays a role in five historical dramas, starting with SBS ‘Il Ji Mae: The Phantom Thief’ 2008, MBC ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ in 2012, KBS2 ‘Gunman in Joseon’ in 2014, MBC ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’ 2015, SBS ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ in 2016.

Image Source: MBC, tvN

Before Lee Joon Ki was famous as an actor in historical dramas, he was first known as a flexible actor. Before starring in the drama ‘Il Ji Mae: The Phantom Thief’, he starred in the MBC drama ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf’. Lee Joon Ki plays an agent of NCI who avenges Lee Soo Hyun. Unlike his previous acting, he showed a rough character and left the image of a beautiful man.

In addition, Lee Joon Ki again showed his acting in 2013 through MBC drama ‘Two Weeks’ by releasing the hanbok he used to wear for four years. Currently, he is starring in the tvN drama ‘Criminal Minds’. Lee Joon Ki plays as Kim Hyun Jun who is a detective who uses the Profiler Technique.

Through the drama ‘Criminal Minds’, Lee Joon Ki proves that he can become an actor who can play a role in various genre of dramas and raises a great hope among the public.

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