‘Criminal Mind’ Lee Joon Ki and Moon Chae Won Investigate Child Abduction Case

In Wednesday-Thurday’s tvN drama ‘Criminal Minds’ episode 9, NCI investigated child abduction case that required them to deal with gun killers.

At one location, there was a repeat kidnapping. Based on this, NCI has captured a suspicious atmosphere. They tried to save children who are in danger.

Image Source: tvN

In the previous episode, at the end of episode 8, a woman confessed to having lost her child similar to the parent who also lost her child in the playground 8 years ago. “I saw the woman before. Even the same way, “said a woman, and this made the audience curious.

In the released photo, Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Ki) turns off the entire amusement park, Ha Seon Woo’s (Moon Chae Won) face looks uneasy and hints at a difficult case to solve. Not only that, they searched the crowded places, observed the kidnapping patterns of children, and ran eagerly. The figure of a mother who is frustrated by the loss of her child was also shown.

Image Source: tvN

The NCI agent began an in-depth public probe, based on the fact that the kidnapping was not a simple but a planned one. NCI has handled serious cases, such as terrorism, serial killings and firearms. This time, viewers look forward to how NCI handles child abduction cases.

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