‘The Battleship Island’ Airs in the United States, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia and More Countries

The film ‘The Battleship Island’ is airing in America, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries.

On August 4, it was released in America,  15 days later on August 18th, the company has recorded a cumulative box-office sale of 1 million 4637 US dollars.

Image Source: CJ Entertainment

On August 10th, the movie ‘The Battleship Island’ was ranked first at the Hong Kong box office over the weekend. The film has won box-office competition with Hollywood movies. The cumulative box-office sales in total reached 1.38 million US dollars on August 21st and ranked third in Korean box-office movies under ‘Train to Busan’ and ‘My Sassy Girl’.

The film has also been released in Southeast Asian countries a week ago and immediately received a good response. On August 16th, it has been released in Indonesia and directly ranked 2nd Korean box-office movie and on August 17th, it was released in Singapore and ranked 2nd in the box office movie.

Image Source: CJ Entertainment

Meanhile on August 18, it was released in Vietnam and immediately ranked 2nd and showed its strength to occupy the box office beating the movie ‘Annabel: Creation’ and climbed to rank 1st in box office. On August 18, it was released in Taiwan and directly place as 2nd in box office rankings. Just like in Indonesia, the film is ranked 2nd from the Korean box-office after the movie ‘Train to Busan’.