The Most Discussed Drama ‘Age of Youth 2’, Has Been Awaited Since The End of Season 1

In the first week of the Friday to Saturday drama from JTBC ‘Age of Youth 2’ has become the number 1 topic, proving its presence in the eyes of viewers who have been waiting for the Belle Epoque for a year is still great. Age of Youth previously gained a lot of love, after 1 year of the end of the first season, now ‘Age of Youth 2’ has emerged, getting a good response and being a big wait from viewers. What are the points that make ‘Age of Youth 2’ able to captivate the viewer’s heart again?

1. The new member, the mysterious Choi Ah Ra

Image Source: JTBC

Jo Eun (Choi Ah Ra) is a person who has a shy character. Jo Eun who took the role with eccentric and interesting content, makes us wonder what the reason is to enter the bell époque dormitory. Viewers are also surprised when Jo Eun worries about Yoo Eun Jae (Ji Woo) who is sick and bought her medicine. She also received a unique response when she went to the bath while carrying a hammer.

2. The chemistry of the 4 other residents with Choi Ae Ra

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Belle Epoque’s relationship becomes very solid in 1 year. Eun Jae who is wounded for Jo Eun’s behavior tells her problem to Jung Ye Eun (Han Seung Yeon) and Song Ji Won (Park Eun Bin), she sends SOS signals to Yoon Jin Myung (Han Ye Ri), Ye Eun, Ji Won and the three gather together. The chemistry between the four characters is already very strong, and what kind of appearance that Jo Eun will show is one of the reasons why this drama is anticipated.

3. Narrative sympathy

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When having the thought that Jo Eun is different, Eun Jae sees her running and brings her medicine when she is sick. She again thinks of the uncomfortable feelings. “I’m afraid. A stranger is still a stranger, something strange will be frightening, something scary is not good. Therefore I will behave as if I do not know”, said a narration explaining the uneasy feeling due to Jo Eun’s presence. It was a narration of Park Yeon Seon, the author who gave her thoughts.

‘Age of Youth 2’ episode 3 will air on September 1st, Friday on JTBC.

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