Kim So Hyun’s Representative Said That She is Such A Smart Friend And Even Studying in Her Spare Time

Actress Kim So Hyun passed the high school graduation exam. Although she had given up on going to high school, she was still positively learning to get into university.

The representative of Kim So Hyun said, “I know she is preparing GED on the sidelines of filming, I thinks he is a smart person, and she is not a person who has a hard time learning, so I think she will do well.”

Image Source: Sidus HQ

Previously, Kim So Hyun through her fancafe wrote that she passed the high school graduation exam, “I do not think it’s a big deal, but the fans are worried. I’m worried about my choice, I get the strength with you guys keep supporting me like this. Thank you.”

On the other hand, Kim So Hyun recently completed MBC drama ‘Ruler’ playing the role as Han Ga Eun.

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